​Lightplay is a mobile application on Android/iOS. It combines both your lifestyle and reality.
''INTER_LIFE is a new digi-physical landscape that LightPlay is your browser for. Use LightPlay to instantly teleport your likeness to anywhere in the world.
To start playing, geo-drop (location-based messages) anywhere in the world to populate. Geo-drops support pictures, videos, links, texts, audio clips, and even AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). It's your reality.''
Additionally, you can geo-fence your geo-drops, meaning you can limit the radius at which someone can view your geo-drop from the point you dropped it on the map. Meaning he/she has to be in that radius in order for the geo-drop to be visible to him/her.
The application is still in beta-phase and once BAY collection is minted, teams will start working on bringing entertaining things to the community.