Baynana is the ecosystem token of Bored Apes XRPL. The initial Max Supply was set at 21,000,000. During the BAYNANA/HOG pairing, the supply was reduced to 20,500,000 as of (23/07/2022) due to a burning event.
BAY holders will receive Baynana tokens as an airdrop. Each BAY a person owns entitles him or her to one Baynana token per day. The payment is made daily.
Example: John has 1 BAY NFT to his crypto wallet. He earns 1 baynana per day for holding his NFT. Each week, John receives 7 Baynana tokens. ( 7 days x 1 baynana each day). John has set his baynana trustline, otherwise he would not be able to receive his weekly airdrops.
Baynana usecases:
  • Deposit them in your BAYNANA BANK account. By locking them for a flexible period of time, you begin earning daily yield.
  • Use them to buy additional NFTs on the XRPL (until XLS-20d is voted)
  • Use them to buy BAY . One thousand (1000) BAY have been allocated for this one-time event.
  • Use them in our upcoming games.
  • Use them to mutate your Bored Apes in the future along with HOGs.