Voting Proposals

Please read this page carefully in order to understand how & where Voting Proposals will take place.

To be eligible to vote on all proposals, you must own at least one Bored Ape XRP NFT. Proposals will take place on Discord and will last for one (1) week.

Voting proposals are created either because the community requested a change or proposed something new, or because the team has some new ideas that will require community approval to move forward if the proposal passes.

After the voting period has ended and a proposal has been voted on, it will be saved in our Gitbook's Voting Proposals , along with the results.


  1. The voting process will be initiated by the team in the Voting Proposals channel.

  2. You will see all available options in Discord. If you need further explanation, head to our Gitbook page to read more about each option.

  3. Type /vote, choose the ''Bored Apes Tipper'' bot, and press Enter ↵.

  1. A box will appear and you will be able to choose which option you want to vote.

  2. A message, containing a link that will redirect you to a QR code, will appear.

  3. Scan the QR code using the wallet you are holding your NFTs.

  4. Congratulations you have voted for the specific proposal.

After you are done with voting, you can unfollow the post in order to hide it from your channel's list. You can open it again whenever you want by heading to the Voting Proposals Forum.

If you request a QR code (Step 2) but do not open the link to sign the transaction, a message will appear a few minutes later saying ''You have signed the request, your vote has been registered.'' Do not worry, as that does not mean your vote went through. You can try requesting a new QR code after 10–15 minutes have passed since we put a cooldown on it.

Notes: 1. Some decisions will be made directly by the team without passing any proposal if they believe it is best for the project's health and future.

2. The more BAY NFTs you own the more voting power you get. 3. Owning a HOG NFT does not give you any voting power.

Some security measurements to prevent malicious actions:

  • Once your wallet has voted an option it can not vote again.

  • After someone votes, their NFT IDs are saved, so if they move the NFTs they used to vote with and try to vote again, not only will their vote will not count, but their initial vote will be canceled out of the system as a penalty.

  • You can not vote using the same Discord profile twice. If you hold your NFTs on multiple wallets you can either 1. Use different Discord accounts to vote. 2. Transfer them to one wallet to vote.

We took these measurements for security reasons and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. (refer to 3rd Measurement)

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