Jungle FTSO

Bored Apes XRP Club is running its own FTSO under the name "Jungle FTSO" on both the Songbird and Flare Network. This is a guide on how you can delegate SGB and FLR tokens, respectively.
You can delegate by using :
  1. 1.
    ​Bifrost Wallet​
1. Open the Bifrost wallet and go to https://portal.flare.network/
2. Connect your wallet.
3. Switch to Songbird or Flare.
4. Click 'Delegate'
5. Choose a provider and copy paste the address below.
Flare/Songbird : 0xCF0Bdc621F11dc75CaFc5C6624149270da353FB3
2. A third party wallet like Metamask.
Follow the given Guide .
Last modified 3mo ago